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    CAD 42.95
    Rayne Envy - 62mm
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    CAD 42.95
    Rayne Envy - 64mm - 80a
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    CAD 49.95
    Rayne Envy - 70mm - 77a/80a

Envy Series

ENVY SERIES Rayne thane in freeride favorite round-lipped shapes. Envy wheels make it easy to break-out, hook-up and control your steez. One set and you’ll be filming edits and lookin for sponsors!

Lip profile: Round
Core Set: 64mm Center set / 70mm Offset
Finish: Stone Ground

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    CAD 55.95
    Rayne Lust - 70mm
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    CAD 59.95
    Rayne Lust - 75mm - 77a/80a

Lust Series

Rayne thane poured into one of the industry’s classic shapes. Tons of grip and effortless, chatter-free drifting control.

Lip profile: Square
Core Set: Centre
Finish: Factory Polish

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    CAD 45.99
    Rayne Greed - 66mm

Greed Series

Rayne thane in a track tested and rider approved square-lipped shapes. Greed wheels leave thane on the road & money in your pocket. You can’t buy a win so why pay for hype!

Square Lip – More lip so you can grip.
Factory Finish – Leave ‘em shinny and hold on tight or break ‘em in and drift all day.
Grip-set – Offset 3-star core reduces bulk for more grip and faster roll speed without giving up controlled drift.
Slide Thane – Smash out buttery, controlled slides without fear of flatspots.