New Rayne Blogger: Aidan Lynds

Hey Guys – Aidan here, Super stoked to start posting on the rayne blog and bring some fresh content to you guys!

I joined Rayne as a team rider just over 2 years ago, and its been killer ever since. I started working in the factory soon after and worked my way up to office life. Im really excited to have to opportunity to provide you guys with fresh blog content every week. Keep your eyes peeled for posts that include : Grom of the week, Sponsorship opportunities, and more awesomeness that I can’t tell you about yet!

Shred on.

About the Author

Claudio adds more grey hair to the Rayne family than we had ever anticipated growing ourselves. A veteran of the Mexican scene, Claudio has helped bring the gift of skate to communities up and down the coast for a few years now. Unlike Santa however, Claudio can't just get a few reindeer to help him slay hills, so when he's not behind a computer or a camera, he's still on top of his deck taking little trips to fun-ville.

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