Mike Slota


Slota, Slaughta


Rayne Longboards, Abec 11, Switchback Longboards, Unkle.ca

All About Mike:


Slota, Slaughta,

Where is home:

The Beautiful Comox Valley of course!

Go to Rayne board:

Rayne Baby Killer!

Favourite Set-up:

Rayne Isis, Aera Trucks, Abec 11 Wheels!


Rayne Longboards, Abec 11, Switchback Longboards, Unkle.ca

Finishing Move:

I don’t even know what that means but it would have to be the Mike Slota when it becomes a move!

Toughest trick to master:

Definatly Switch toe side speed checks

Worst Crash:

I wasn’t longboarding but I broke my leg while snowboarding this past winter I got a nice big screw in there and I wasn’t able to ride for 3.5 months! Huge bummer!

Favourite place to skate:

Giants Head or Downtown Vancouver

If I could only make one event this year:

Ride the Giant!

Best way to kill time on the road:

The anal game, stopping and skating every hill, re-mastering photos of faces in magazines with sharpies, fingering yellow lights.. It’s a switchback thing!

Best way to kill time in between heats:

Grab some greasy burgs, tell girls you’re famous while walking up the hill, take pictures of other riders!

Longboarding makes you:

Less of a spazz! Über happy! And ultra sexy!

Favourite Movies:

Without a doubt Waynes world 1 and 2 Fubar 1 and 2

Best tracks to skate to:

I don’t generally listen to music while I skate but anything fast paced with hard beats!

Preferred Board:





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