Max Ballesteros 6th Overall IDF

Max sent us a healthy update a few days ago with what’s been going on and it included some awesome photos.

Rayne team rider Max Ballesteros had a killer season. He made it to finals in 4/6 IDF races and took 6th overall.

He also gave us his play by play on the last two events; pretty interesting to see from the riders point of view vs. a video.

The Festival de la Bajada, was rad I had a great time!
The track is super tech, full of hairpins and sweepers… on qualifying day I actually managed to have the
fastest time of the day overall, but unfortunately it didn’t count because it was supposed to be a warm
up run which I didn’t know about and I ended up using my only fresh set of wheels that I had for that day hahaha.
With scrubbed I managed to qualify in 6st place with a difference of 0.5 from first and went on for race day confident that I could do better.
As you may have seen I made it to finals and tried a gnarly pass on James from second to first on the crowd corner, but he shut the door and we crashed, so I endep up with 4th place and riding james board to the finish line hahaha.
The Mega Grand Prix was super sick, I had alot of things to do for everything to work out as planned and didn’t concentrate too much on riding during the first few days. For a good part of qualifying day it was me and Thiago in 2nd and 1st, so I was satisfied with that and went on to do other things. On the last 30min of qualy some riders took some faster runs while the sun went down and I was knocked down to 6st place.
Race day I made to finals again, my forth final out of six IDF races this year, made me stoked for sure!!
It was hectic, many passes during the whole run! I made a mistake which cost me alot, wrong shoe for race day with no sole hahah and my foot slipped both in semi’s and final’s which was a bummer, I had a good chance of winning this one but Adam deserved it and I give all the credits on an amazing year of racing for him!!

We’re also expecting a new video from Brazil soon so get stoked on that!

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