Marisa Nunez



Where is home:

I live in Miami, Florida and was born in Lima, Peru.

All About Marisa:



Where is home:

I live in Miami, Florida and was born in Lima, Peru.

Go to Rayne board:

Isis. Thank you Brianne Davies, you are a genius. This board is PERFECT!

Favourite Set-up:

Isis, Randal 180 50*, Biltin Bearings, Abec 11 Flashbacks, Skatera outfit J


Lovely Rayne longboards, Abec11, Skatera, Randal Trucks, SkateSlate, Moon pucks, and Daddies Board Shop.

Finishing Move:

Cartwheel of joy and accomplishment. One-handed if I’m extra stoked.

Toughest trick to master:

Stand-up, toe-side 180’s eekkk!

Worst Crash:

In Tarma, Peru I hit a cement post after bailing out of a toe-side pre-drift. Ribs. Ouch. Nothing serious thank gooooodness.

Favourite place to skate:

Downtown Miami parking garages yo. MIA 305 wha whaaaa?!?!

If I could only make one event this year:

Maryhill Freeriiiiiidddee. No rules, just skating?? Friggin’ awesome!!!

Best way to kill time on the road:

Jamming hard to good beats.

Best way to kill time in between heats:

Stretching and talking about Astrology.

Longboarding makes you:

Fulfilled and complete. Having this passion/escape helps me to not worry about anything negative in my life.

Favourite Movie:

Jurassic Park

Best tracks to skate to:

Anything roots reggae, hip-hop, dubstep, Latin rock, and reggaetonton.

Preferred Board:





About the Author

Claudio adds more grey hair to the Rayne family than we had ever anticipated growing ourselves. A veteran of the Mexican scene, Claudio has helped bring the gift of skate to communities up and down the coast for a few years now. Unlike Santa however, Claudio can't just get a few reindeer to help him slay hills, so when he's not behind a computer or a camera, he's still on top of his deck taking little trips to fun-ville.

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