James West


None, my normal name is cool enough.


Los Lunas, New Mexico


All About James


None, my normal name is cool enough.


Los Lunas, New Mexico



Go To Set-up

The Vandal with some nice broken in square lips and squirely trucks.

Race or Freeride, Why?

Freeride, I hate being told when I can skate. Suck it I’m skating now.

Favourite Place to Skate

Ditches in Albuquerque/Tuna

Skating Since


With Rayne Since


Favourite Event

Cathlamet Downhill Corral

Most Important Things In Life (Other than skating)

My family my friends my dog

Spare Time

Hiking kickin it with friends but I mostly just skate.

Gnarly Injuries

At ditch slap in ’07 I hit a hole that perfectly fit a 75mm wheel in full tuck. This ripped my hanger out of my pivot cup and stopped me on a dime. The first thing I hit was my dome, then my ribs. I broke some ribs and for two weeks I’d get up to piss, get a couple steps and forget what I was doing. Didn’t have to take my senior finals. Dope!


Go faster. Try harder. MOB

OG skate stories

In 2004 I got the chance to go to the first Gravity Slide Fest. Shit it might have even been ’03. Met Cliff Collman for the first time and he said I should enter the Pro. I was like nah, and he entered me in it anyways without telling me. I was bummed til I got 3rd overall in the pro and second in the longest slide. Thanks Cliff! Also as a side note Noah and Rizzo were the only guys on soft wheels and no one knew what the fuck they were doing. ha ha

Podiums/ Best Results

I do good at slide comps and ditch races. I was pretty good at slalom as a youngin’ too. But there are just too many random ass comps and races to name over the years.


Rayne Longboards, Paris Trucks, Divine Wheels, and Timeship Racing

Website/ Blog

I had a hard time reciving this e mail.

Shout Outs

Thanks to my Dad he started skating at 37 after I was really into it. He got pretty good and took me to all my races when I was a youngin’. Joe Lehm at Timeship. Will Brunson for showing me how to go fast. Rob Palmer for showing me how to be gnar. And many many more friends over the years have done a lot for me. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

Preferred Board:

2012 Rayne Vandal whitebg2




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