Daniel Hawes


Dani, LB or Little Brother


I don’t know anymore…


Somewhere in the world, it changes a lot.

All About LB


Dani, LB or Little Brother


I don’t know anymore…


Somewhere in the world, it changes a lot.

Words to Live by

Forgive, forget, live and let live.

Go To Set-up

For parks it’s
Catalyst with
169 Indies rolling on
Rayne 62mm 98a Envies
Longboard wise I’m on
Vandal with bent
Aera K3’s with either
Orangatangs or Rayne Wheels

Race or Freeride, Why?

Skate with your buddies, sometimes races are the only places you get to skate with some people. If that’s the case, then you gotta race. Can still treat it like a free ride though!

Riding Since

A while back

With Rayne Since

2010, a big thank you to them!

Favourite Event

So many. In North America I would say Cathlamet. GET THERE! In Europe Verdiccio was by far the best race, probably the best race anywhere in the world come to think of it. All of ASRA’s races are primo too!

Spare Time

Depends where I am. I try not to have to much spare time.

Best Results

8th Cathlamet 2009

16th Voss 2010

15th Verdichio 2010

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t be an asshole. Do be good to everyone and if that is sometimes hard, at least be patient with them. It all comes back around eventually.

Scariest Experience

Walking through a pitch black train tunnel with my old buddy Rob. Got to the middle, so dark you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face. We hear a train coming… Both of us screaming and running through this tunnel, falling over rocks, running into walls, tripping over tracks. Finally we see the light at the end. Keep running, Rob falls and hurts his foot, I run nose first into the brick wall of the tunnel. Dive out of the tunnel and off the tracks into a ditch full of cold, dirty water crawling with mosquito lava. Realise it was an aeroplane flying over head, not a train at all.

If you had a time machine, when would you be?

Right now

One Animal, Why?

Dogs because they can become your best friend instantly.


*Homies Rayne Longboards, Fire Up Industries, Decent Hardware, Daily Grind, Boardsport FI, Flatspot Longboards, Orangatang Wheels. Huge shout out to all of them. I’m living my dream because of you lot!




Shout Outs

Julia Jansson, Ethan Lau, Nellie Anderson, Les Robertson, Mischa Chandler, Mitch Downey, Aidan Lynds, Tommy Watson, Justin Readings, Adam Roguljić, Janne Lehtinen, Jonno Shakesby, Striker, Judy Edmondson, Ali Johnson, Karl Järnström, Leigh Griffiths, Michael ‘Broditch’ Bowditch, Sean at Daily Grind… There are hundreds and hundreds of names I want to write. To anyone who has ever shown me kindness, let me into their homes, taken me skating, eaten with me, stayed with me. You all know what you did for me, many thanks!

Preferred Board:

2012 Rayne Vandal whitebg2



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