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Madrid, Spain.


Madrid, Spain.

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Madrid, Spain.


Madrid, Spain.

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Board: Rayne Fortune (L:36 / W:10 / WB:24.5 – 26,75)
Trucks: 10” Gunmetal Mac Ten V2 (184mm / 46º / Venom Barrel 90a Red)
Wheels: Rayne Lust 70mm 77a
Bearings: Rayne Stoopid Fast
ToeStop: Rayne Foot Brah
Vicious Griptape

Race or Freeride, Why?

Free for sure! Actually I don’t like racing, the nervous and the competitiveness are not for me.

Fork or Spoon

Fork, it have more uses.



Riding Since

October 2009.

With Rayne Since

February 2012.

Favourite Event

Rayne Velefique Freeride 2012

Pick a Superpower


Most Important Things In Life (Other than skating)

Girlfriend, family, friends, sports and my studies in architecture.

Spare Time

In my lovely Ducati Monster 696 and other board-slide sports (Kitesurf, Surf, Snowboard…)

Five uses for Vicious that aren’t skating

Strong sandpaper, duct tape, band aid, exfoliant and to stick in the wall and scrape your back.


Enjoy your life every day, just work to reach your dreams, don’t live to work.

Zombies invaded earth, whos on your team?

Travis Pastrana, Valentino Rossi, Jeremy Clarkson (TopGear) and Frank de la Jungla (spanish TV program, check his videos).

Podiums/ Best Results

1st Rayne Game of SKATE II
11th IGSA Lagoa Azul Pro 2012
12th IGSA Descente 2012


Rayne Longboards, Gunmetal, Vicious Grip, and G Form

Website/ Blog


Shout Outs

My sponsors, my girlfriend Maria and the spanish downhill family for such fun in every event!

Preferred Board:

2013 Fortune whitebg






About the Author

Claudio adds more grey hair to the Rayne family than we had ever anticipated growing ourselves. A veteran of the Mexican scene, Claudio has helped bring the gift of skate to communities up and down the coast for a few years now. Unlike Santa however, Claudio can't just get a few reindeer to help him slay hills, so when he's not behind a computer or a camera, he's still on top of his deck taking little trips to fun-ville.

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