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Beautiful BC


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Beautiful BC


On a hill

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Topmounted Amazon, 50* 180mm Aera k4’s, and some Sector thane.

Things that make you uncomfortable.

When my boss and his lady talk about their sexual endeavors

Race or Freeride, Why?

Damn you, I was hoping you wouldn’t ask this! I have a place in my heart for both, but there’s nothin’ like hittin’ apex, or making that epic pass. Race season is always my favorite time of the year.

What do you do better than anyone?


Riding Since


With Rayne Since

Not long enough. I met and stared hanging with the Rayne crew in October 2011 and it’s been going awesome since.

Signature Move


Favourite Event

oh man there’s so many! Britannia is one of the best ones for sure! So many runs on an awesome hill, with all my friends.

Most Important Things In Life (Other than skating)


If you had a Time Machine, when would you be and why?

If I had access to a time machine i would go right back to the beginning of race season and do it all over again! Best time of the year!

Spare Time

Skate, rain or shine.

Favourite RV

None other than the beautiful Tiffany!


If you’re in full control, you’re not going fast enough.

Best Results

1st MILF2012
3rd Britannia Classic 2012
3rd Whistler Longboard Festival 2011
3rd Mt Washington DH 2011


Rayne Longboards
Switchback Longboards
Sector 9 Wheels
and a little love from Aera Trucks

Website/ Blog


Shout Outs

Shout out to Brian at flip flop shops, who just underwent a quadruple bypass surgery andpulled through like a champ. And Les at Rayne for making everything happen for me this past season.

Preferred Board:

2012 Rayne Amazon whitebg2





About the Author

Claudio adds more grey hair to the Rayne family than we had ever anticipated growing ourselves. A veteran of the Mexican scene, Claudio has helped bring the gift of skate to communities up and down the coast for a few years now. Unlike Santa however, Claudio can't just get a few reindeer to help him slay hills, so when he's not behind a computer or a camera, he's still on top of his deck taking little trips to fun-ville.

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